Create platform video game blocks

In another tutorial from 2D Game Art for Programmers, Chris builds on his previous tutorial by showing you how to create simple blocks suitable for 2D side scrolling platform games just using the square tool in inkscape


This tutorial also reinforces the fact that basically everything that you draw in inkscape is just a lot of simple shapes that are put together to create a masterpiece. Chris goes on to show an awesome example of this in his tutorial, by producing a drawing of a castle, then showing all the simple shapes he used to construct it.squares2

Modifying your helicopter

So, you have followed the tutorial posted a few days ago, and created a cartoon helicopter of your own in Inkscape.

However, you have decided to do some modifications to your vehicle, adding extra weaponry and gadgets. Luckily, did a follow-up tutorial on how to modify your vector helicopter, which is pretty easy thanks to the power of Inkscape and SVG!

Drawing a 2D Helicopter with inkscape

Here is an awesome, detailed, step-by-step on drawing a side-view 2d helicopter by Chris Hildenbrand. Chris’ tutorials yield some impressive results, however they are aimed at intermediate inkscape users.

Update: After this tutorial, be sure to check out the next one in the series, that shows you how to modify your helicopter!

Inkscape FAQ: How do I crop in Inkscape?

One of the most frequently asked questions from Inkscape users is “how do i crop an image or object?” The Clipping feature is by far the easiest and most versatile way to crop vector  or bitmap/raster objects in Inkscape. This FAQ provides you with a step by step tutorial covering the basics of clipping.

Let’s start with our little monster friend that i downloaded from the Open Clip Art Library:

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Free Cute Cartoon Animals vector clipart

Here is a set of free cartoon animal clipart that can be used for anything. All the images in this set are totally free can be used for any purpose and do not have any watermarks that will stop you from using them anywhere!

These cute animals are available over at  the Open Clip Art Library. There are many more in this style than in the sample below, so head past the break for the entire list of animals in this set. As with all the artwork in the Open Clip Art Library, these SVGs are Public Domain, so you can do pretty much anything with them!

* Updated * Now there is a panda!

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Create an impressive stick man cartoon character / avatar

Here is another tutorial / in depth guide on creating cartoon characters by one of my favourite inkscape tutorialists, David Shaw. A while back, he published an awesome guide to creating a simple cartoon character in the tutorial Slime to Start.

This time he has created another in-depth guide to character creation with Inkscape, and this time the goal is to create a cute cartoon stick man with a style similar to the Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew. Once again, David goes into immense detail of his entire creative process, and the result is a great introduction to inkscape with an awesome result.


For those of you interested in cartooning in inkscape, make sure you check out the following screenshot by Inkscape artist / developer, John Bintz (of Moment of Clarity fame.) It outlines the workflow that John goes through tracing, tweaking and inking his cartoons. Note that the screenshot is done before the 0.46 paint bucket tool came out (which i am pretty sure john had a hand in developing) so cartooning in inkscape is even easier.


howto illustrate a chinese dragon using inkscape

here is another great tutorial from kalaalog, in this one the entire workflow to illustrate a chinese style dragon, from concept sketches to finish product is outlined. This tutorial is in two parts, the link after the break links to part 1, and there is a link at the end of that to part 2 of this tutorial.


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pac-man ghosts / baddies tutorial

nicu has outdone himself again. Not only has he created a tutorial for creating cool pacman baddies, but he has again put his results into the public domain for all to download, and this time he has also done a screencast of his process… enjoy!


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How to make RPG map elements with inkscape.

Here is yet another awesome tutorial from Nicu a great tutorial for creating RPG map symbols using inkscape. In this “How it was made”, Nicu outlines a workflow for creating a simple jailhouse RPG element. Nicu is a major contributor to the Open Clip Art Library, and he has placed a large collection (50+ drawings) of these RPG map symbols into the public domain. You can also download the whole package from his own clipart gallery. Comments and praise should be left at Nicu’s Blog post for this tutorial.

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drawing a pack of dynamite using inkscape

here is a very nifty tutorial that shows you how to draw a pack of dynamite using inkscape. this tutorial has no step – by step instructions, but a whole lot of diagrams and arrows. it is a different approach to a lot of the tutorials out there, but i like it cos it makes you think a bit more.


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