Creating a Business Card Template and Basic Business Card with Inkscape

Here is a great tutorial for creating business cards using Inkscape. This tutorial has two main sections.

The first details how to create a printer ready template from a PDF guide using clones and guides. Using clones in this fashion to create a template in inkscape is awesome; once the template is created correctly, the changes that are made to the original populate thoughout the rest of the tempate!

The second section provides a detailed process for creating a basic business card (with a nifty pinstripe background). This portion of the tutorial is a great introduction into basic fill / stroke techniques, pattern fills and text editing and kerning.

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simple “starburst” effect tutorial.

This tutorial details how to achieve the simple “starburst” effect using inkscape. The method in this tutorial shows how to do this by manually creating clones and rotating them, which is not the most efficient way to achieve this effect. Check out the Official Inkscape Tutorial, “Tips and Tricks” for how to use Tiled Clones to make this effect quicker and easier to achieve.


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