Creating a Business Card Template and Basic Business Card with Inkscape

Here is a great tutorial for creating business cards using Inkscape. This tutorial has two main sections.

The first details how to create a printer ready template from a PDF guide using clones and guides. Using clones in this fashion to create a template in inkscape is awesome; once the template is created correctly, the changes that are made to the original populate thoughout the rest of the tempate!

The second section provides a detailed process for creating a basic business card (with a nifty pinstripe background). This portion of the tutorial is a great introduction into basic fill / stroke techniques, pattern fills and text editing and kerning.

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Inkscape Video Tutorial Double Feature – Faking 3d Text & Wrapping Text Around a Globe

Introducing a new segment here at the inkscape tutorials blog: the Inkscape Video Tutorial Double Feature. Screening this week, we have:

3D Text Using Interpolation: An example on how to use the interpolation effect to create a faux 3d (yet impressive none-the-less) text effect:

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And, Secondly, we have:

Wrap Text Around a Globe:

Another awesome screencast by heathenx:

In this episode I will demonstrate how to wrap text around a three-dimensional globe in Inkscape v.046.

I used a fairly new extension from Gerrit Karius (aka G33K) called Bezier Envelope. If you want to follow along or use the Bezier Envelope for whatever future purpose then be sure to download it here. Thanks Gerrit. :)ep088_thumb

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Intoduction to gradient creation and manipulation in inkscape.

Here is a great tutorial providing a detailed and easy to comprehend introduction to creating and manipulating gradients using inkscape. It is aimed at the absolute beginner, but even the seasoned inkscape professional may glean a useful tip from this comprehensive tutorial. It also inadvertently provides a great introduction to the most useful dialog in Inkscape: Fill and Stroke.


Realistic Guitar Tutorial

In this tutorial,  Nick Roberts [ of Everlong Design] demonstrates in detail how to illustrate a “Fender Stratocaster” type guitar.

This tutorial is close to one of the best inkcape tutorials out there.  The final result is stunning, and the author has detailed the steps superbly with many super useful screen shots. The author even details the hex values of all the colours that are used. Be sure to check it out and leave feedback on the tutorial itself. More positive feedback to the tutorials authors means more higher quality inkscape tutorials for all…


simple “starburst” effect tutorial.

This tutorial details how to achieve the simple “starburst” effect using inkscape. The method in this tutorial shows how to do this by manually creating clones and rotating them, which is not the most efficient way to achieve this effect. Check out the Official Inkscape Tutorial, “Tips and Tricks” for how to use Tiled Clones to make this effect quicker and easier to achieve.


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Playing with Spiros and Path Effects

Updated this tutorial to link to the version. (the original does not seem to be hosted any more)

Here is another awesome tutorial from Andy Fitz. In this tutorial, Andy experiments with the new spiros Live path effect, combining it with the existing and equally awesome patten on path LPE. The link to the tutorial is after the break.

Creating Icons with an on the table perspective.

One of my fellow fedora artTeam members, Martin Sourada has created a great tutorial for creating icons with an ‘on the table’ perspective.

This particular tutorial links closely to the echo icon theme that the fedora artTeam are working on at the moment, but contains useful elements that can help with all icon design in inkscape.

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Drawing a manga character using inkscape.

While this video is not a tutorial per se, it provides a great insight into how a more complicated inkscape drawing is constructed. It is basically a step – by – step construction of all the objects in the drawing put into a neat little video. Below is a thumb of the finished product that can be viewed at the artist’s deviantart page.

The video (hosted on youtube) is embedded after the thumb, so you may not be able to view it if you are reading though an feed reader.


a Quick Guide to Inkscape

this is an awesome quick guide into some of the basics of inkscape.

it is a great introductory guide and a great quick reference guide for inkscape

it covers:

  • working with paths
  • working with objects
  • working with groups
  • working with clips and paths
  • working with layers
  • working with gradients

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