Creating Interactive SVGs

Here is a tutorial from Máirín Duffy explaining how to quickly implement interactivity into your inkscape SVGs. The approach the Máirín Duffy takes is great for when you need an Inkscape SVG to have a small amount of interactivity, like a basic User Interface Mockup. However, this approach probably would not scale if for more complex interactive SVGs.




Inkscape 0.48.1 Officially Official

The Inkscape development community has announced the availability of Inkscape 0.48.1 bug-fix release. The 0.48.1 Release resolves 82 tickets in the Inkscape Launchpad bug queue, delivering a wide range of bug-fixes, stability improvements and performance enhancements to 0.48, which was released in August 2010. Most notably,

  • the stability of the Node tool has been greatly improved,
  • the position markers on the rulers are now re-drawn correctly. Fixing the issue of the arrows remaining on the ruler, obscuring the measurements.
  • improved export of masks on cairo-based export formats (e.g. PDF export)
  • issues with extensions not working on OSX have been fixed

Check out the Release Notes for 0.48.1 and download the new release now! Also, be sure to check out the screenshots page for 0.48 for a refresher on the awesome new features that 0.48 delivered.

Graffiti / Street Art type design

Here is a tutorial to create a vector design in a street art / graffiti style. This tutorial does not go into much detail on each of the steps, is more of a demonstration of the workflow the artist used to create the design. Well worth a look for intermediate and advanced Inkscape users.

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Chrome Text Effect using Inkscape SVG filters [video tutorial]

As a follow-on from yesterday’s tutorial, the chrome effect in today’s tutorial is another text effect that utilizes Inkscape SVG filters. We have previously featured a tutorial to created a chrome text effect, but that was achieved using just gradients and blur.

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Creating an Inkscape Filter effect to style text

Here is a quick how-to outlining the process to create custom inkscape SVG filters to style text. The tutorial covers the procedure to create a filter for text with a shadow, slightly inset text and raised, super glossy text. The tutorial also has a downloadable SVG so you can open up the image in Inkscape and play with the filters yourself.

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Creating an Urban Design using Concentric Circles, Clouds and Spiro Swirls

Here is a neat tutorial showing how to create an urban design by layering different types of vector elements. In this tutorial, you first create a range of concentric circle stamps (or “brushes”), and layer them on top of different coloured cloud silhouettes. Finally, you create a whole bunch of swirls using the spiro curve and path effects.

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Inkscape FAQ: How do I crop in Inkscape?

One of the most frequently asked questions from Inkscape users is “how do i crop an image or object?” The Clipping feature is by far the easiest and most versatile way to crop vector  or bitmap/raster objects in Inkscape. This FAQ provides you with a step by step tutorial covering the basics of clipping.

Let’s start with our little monster friend that i downloaded from the Open Clip Art Library:

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Layer Effects with Inkscape

Alexandre Prokoudine [blog | twitter]  covers creating layer effects with Inkscape. In this detailed article, Alexandre talks you through hand-editing the SVG XML in inkscape to apply filter effects (e.g. Gaussian blur)  on whole layer (rather than on an object or group level).  Note that to achieve this behaviour, you will be diving deep into inkscape SVG internals, so this tutorial is recommended for advanced inkscape users.

Creating a Business Card Template and Basic Business Card with Inkscape

Here is a great tutorial for creating business cards using Inkscape. This tutorial has two main sections.

The first details how to create a printer ready template from a PDF guide using clones and guides. Using clones in this fashion to create a template in inkscape is awesome; once the template is created correctly, the changes that are made to the original populate thoughout the rest of the tempate!

The second section provides a detailed process for creating a basic business card (with a nifty pinstripe background). This portion of the tutorial is a great introduction into basic fill / stroke techniques, pattern fills and text editing and kerning.

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Inkscape FAQ: Why do my gradients change when I move or resize an object?

The gradient tool in Inkscape is a powerful feature that allows artists to add and edit linear and radial colour gradients on-canvas. Gradients in vector graphics provide the ability to provide the illusion of depth and light to otherwise flat images. When combined with the blur filter, gradients can be used to create photo-realistic vector images.

A Lamborghini Gallardo drawn entirely with Inkscape vectors.

However, having gradients behave strangely when moving or resizing an object is a common issue encountered by Inkscape users.

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