The Inkscape development community has announced the availability of Inkscape 0.48.1 bug-fix release. The 0.48.1 Release resolves 82 tickets in the Inkscape Launchpad bug queue, delivering a wide range of bug-fixes, stability improvements and performance enhancements to 0.48, which was released in August 2010. Most notably,

  • the stability of the Node tool has been greatly improved,
  • the position markers on the rulers are now re-drawn correctly. Fixing the issue of the arrows remaining on the ruler, obscuring the measurements.
  • improved export of masks on cairo-based export formats (e.g. PDF export)
  • issues with extensions not working on OSX have been fixed

Check out the Release Notes for 0.48.1 and download the new release now! Also, be sure to check out the screenshots page for 0.48 for a refresher on the awesome new features that 0.48 delivered.