Here is an old list of 10 of the Best Inkscape Tutorials from back in 2009. All the links should work now, again.


Text and Simple Styling
An awesome tutorial from Troy Sobotka detailing how to create a colourful outset text effect.

top10_2Creating a Business Card Template and Basic Business Card
Create a business card template using inkscape, and learn how to populate it with a simple business card design.

top10_3Shattered, Smashed and Grungy Text in Inkscape
A step by step on creating a smashed and grungy text effect using inkscape.

top10_4Create a Lightbulb Icon that follows the tango! guidelines.

This tutorial provides a detailed how-to on creating a lightbulb icon that uses the tango! icon set guidelines.

top10_5Create an impressive stick man cartoon character / avatar

A super detailed guide to creating a stick man cartoon character using inkscape.

top10_6Draw A Realistic Vector Guitar in Inkscape

In this tutorial,  Nick Roberts demonstrates in detail how to illustrate a “Fender Stratocaster” type guitar. The final result is stunning, and the author has detailed the steps superbly with many super useful screen shots.

top10_7Creating a Coffee Cup using inkscape

Another detailed and impressive tutorial from the vectortuts website. This tutorial demonstrates how to draw a coffee cup using inkscape.

top10_8How to make RPG map elements with inkscape.

This is a great tutorial on creating RPG map symbols using inkscape. The tutorial outlines a workflow for creating a simple jailhouse RPG element.

top10_9chrome text effect

From the same author as the “Text and Simple Styling tutorial”, Here is a another that demonstrates how to create chrome text effect using inkscape.

top10_10sticker with a folded / dog ear edge

here is a cool tutorial for creating a simple sticker / decal with a folded down edge.