It has been a long wait for the next version of Inkscape. The last major release of Inkscape was over 3 years ago back in August 23, 2010. And since then, the inkscape developers have been hard at work adding a multitude of new and awesome features to our favourite open source vector graphics editor.

However, the question that most people ask is when is the next version of inkscape being released? About a month ago, after a long-standing blocker was resolved,  Inkscape developer Martin Owens asked this question on the inkscape-devel mailing list. The basic consensus on the mailing list was that all the important blocker bugs (the count was 10 in September) needed to be resolved before the release process could even start.

Now, a month later, after a busy month, the awesome inkscape developers have whittled this down to 3 blockers. Martin writes on fedora-devel:

Hey Devs,

This is the bi-weekly report on our release-hope goal:

Blockers: 3 
 * High #1163449 Imported bitmap appear blurry when zoomed in
 * Medium #953992 Imported pattern fill disappers while transforming
 * Medium #1005892 Patterns applied to text objects are blurred

If you can fix one of these, please do. We can use all the help to
debug, locate the errors causing these regressions and fix them. These
blockers are high priority for our project goals.

So, we are inching ever closer to an Inkscape release!