The Inkscape developers are hard at work developing the new version of Inkscape (0.91). This post is part of a series that will outline some of the awesome new features that will be available when Inkscape 0.91 is released.

The upcoming release of Inkscape has a new feature that allows the user to insert new nodes on the selected curve’s extreme values (i.e. you can easily add a node at the highest point in a curve, lowest point, leftmost point or rightmost point).

The tool control bar for the Node Tool features a new dropdown to use this feature. For example, the below animation shows how to insert a new node at the highest point in the selected curve segment by selecting the segment with the node tool, and choosing “Insert Node at Max Y”.


If you want to try out this new feature already, you will need to  Download a “nightly” or “development” version of inkscape. Links to various builds of development versions of inkscape are listed at the Inkscape downloads page.