Butterscotch Shenannigans is a small (2 person) indie game developer from Saint Louis with a bunch of highly rated games available for iOS, Android and PC.


The awesome thing about this indie shop is that they use Inkscape for the creation of all their in-game visual assets. A few of their recent games include:

Quadropus Rampage

A hilarious epic Endless Roguelike Brawler with awesome art made in inkscape:

Runner 2013-05-22 19-35-05-38

Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of Destiny

A Twin Stick Arena Adventure with art also made in inkscape:

Forest 1136x640


They also have a new game in development called Crashlands, which is a massive mobile crafting/survival game.
alltogether snipped_newtiles

as an added bonus, Sam (one of the devs) also uploads narrated time-lapse videos of how he creates these assets in Inkscape: