Here is a set of free cartoon animal clipart that can be used for anything. All the images in this set are totally free can be used for any purpose and do not have any watermarks that will stop you from using them anywhere!

These cute animals are available over at  the Open Clip Art Library. There are many more in this style than in the sample below, so head past the break for the entire list of animals in this set. As with all the artwork in the Open Clip Art Library, these SVGs are Public Domain, so you can do pretty much anything with them!

Cartoon Peacock
with Peacock Feathers

Cartoon Hippo

Cartoon Rhino

Cartoon Zebra

Cartoon Panda

Cartoon Sheep

Cartoon Giraffe

Cartoon Elk

Cartoon Gnu

Cartoon Elephant

Cartoon Leopard

Cartoon Monkey

Cartoon Dog with Bone

Cartoon Cow

Cartoon Goat

Cartoon Kangaroo

Cartoon Squirrel

Cartoon Bear

Cartoon Owl

Cartoon Penguin

Cartoon Cat

Cartoon Ostrich